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Does YOUR Home Have Hard Water?

How do you know when your home has hard water? And, what do you do about it? There are a few signs to look out for to determine if your home has hard water and if you think you may have it, you should look into a water softener for your Byron home. As experts in plumbing and all things water softeners, the experts here at Gander Plumbing are here to tell you all about the signs and signals to look out for.

While hard water is not dangerous to your family’s health, it can still be quite the hassle. It can shorten the life span of water-using appliances, it can make cleaning your bathrooms and kitchen more difficult and it can cause problems with dry skin and dry hair. Here are a few more issues that could indicate the need for a water softener in your home:

  • First, take a look at your bathroom and kitchen faucets. Do you see white spots? Is it difficult to get those white spots off of the taps, no matter what type of cleaning product you use or how hard you scrub? These are some other signs of hard water. A water softener can help make it easier to keep your kitchen and bathroom clean and free of those white spots.
  • Do you have issues with dry hair or skin that won’t go away no matter what you do? If you are noticing problems with dry skin or dull and dried out hair, this is another good indication that your house has hard water. Water softeners can help with dry skin and hair that is brittle or dried out. Removing the excess minerals in your water could result in softer skin and hair for you and your family members.
  • How easy is it to lather soap or shampoo? If it seems to be more difficult than usual, you might be dealing with a hard water problem.
  • Does your white colored clothing or other fabrics start to develop a grayish hue to them? Has your colored clothing and fabrics started to fade sooner than normal? You may need a water softener.
  • Are you seeing white spots on your dishes even after they have been through the dishwasher or cleaned by hand? These white spots are mineral deposits caused by hard water and you may require a water softener to get them sparkling clean.

Are you interested in learning more about getting a new water softener in your Byron home? Call Gander Plumbing at 507-282-7540, or you can contact us to Schedule An Appointment.

Thank You and Happy Holidays from Gander Plumbing

With the end of 2017 quickly approaching, we want to take a moment to thank all our wonderful clients for their support. We are grateful to be a part of the Rochester community. For more than 50 years we have been helping residents with their plumbing and heating needs. We could not be in business this long without the support and patronage from so many of you!

As the year winds down, we just want to thank each and every one of you for your patronage, whether as a new or returning customer. We hope you will trust us for all your future plumbing needs!

We wish each of you a merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Prepare the Plumbing before Kitchen Remodeling

Thanksgiving is this week and Christmas is just around the corner! This time of year, many people are using their kitchens more than usual, making those big family meals and goodies to share with others. If you find yourself cramped by your kitchen’s size or frustrated with the lack of functionality, it may be time to consider kitchen remodeling. Whether you decide to make major updates like an addition or just want to update to newer appliances, we can assist with the plumbing! For kitchen remodeling in Rochester MN, count on Gander Plumbing!

The major components of a kitchen renovation include cabinets, flooring and countertops. However, no kitchen can function without adequate plumbing. The kitchen sink, dishwasher and ice maker in the refrigerator all need to be installed properly to ensure proper function and efficiency. Here are some plumbing decisions to make before diving into kitchen remodeling.

Kitchen Remodeling Rochester MNStart with the Sink

You should always choose your sink before you decide on cabinets and countertop. If the plumbing is not set up properly for the specific sink you want, then the pipes may not fit. Under-counter mounted sinks may not be able to work around your existing piping. This can often lead to extra work for your plumber and possible modifications to your cabinets. So, decide on the sink you want first then check with your cabinet installer and plumber to make sure it will work with the existing piping.

Decide on Layout
Be sure to think through the entire layout of your new kitchen. If you are doing a major remodel that involves moving the location of your sink or other appliances, keep in mind that it will require some rerouting of plumbing and electricity. This can be done, but requires extra work and clear communication with your contractor and plumber to be sure the proper changes are made before other projects get under way.

Add Shutoffs
Your sink, refrigerator and dishwasher should all have shutoffs. At the very least, you’ll want one water shutoff that cuts water going to all of these appliances in your home. This gives you more control of your plumbing and helps ensure you can easily respond to a leak. You can ask us about adding some shutoffs during the plumbing phase of the remodel.

Update Plumbing
An excellent investment you can make when remodeling your kitchen is to upgrade to modern plumbing pipes like PVC if older style iron pipes are in your home. This makes any rerouting as well as future maintenance much easier.

Create Additional Plumbing
You may want to add additional fixtures not originally in your kitchen, such as a dishwasher or garbage disposal. If this is the case, be sure to visit with your plumber so they can modify the plumbing to meet those needs.

Think Energy Efficiency
Most likely you’ll be updating your appliances with your kitchen remodel, so keep energy efficiency in mind. Energy efficient appliances will save you money in the long run, helping you make back some of the money you spent on your renovation!

If you are ready for kitchen remodeling in your Rochester MN home, contact Gander Plumbing. You can call us at 507-282-7540 or Schedule an Appointment.

Jobs for the Plumber: Plumbing Issues Big & Small

From small, slow drips to a flooded basement, there are a variety of issues a plumber encounters on a daily basis. As a plumbing contractor for Rochester and the surrounding areas, we have become well-versed in all of these plumbing issues; big and small. Some problems you might be tempted to fix on your own, but we would like to provide an outline of two of the most common issues within the home and what a professional plumbing contractor can do to fix them.

plumbing contractor


Did you know that household leaks can waste more than one trillion gallons annually nationwide? What may seem like a small inconvenience you can let go, a slow leak or drip can actually cause quite a problem. They can increase your water bill as gallons of water leakage runs down the drain. Sometimes you can fix the issue yourself by replacing the faucet, or even by dismantling it, putting it back together and hoping for the best. In many instances you likely will need the help of plumbing contractors, who can certainly handle the faucet itself in the case of a repair or replacement. Frequently the issue lies beyond the faucet itself, plumbing contractors will come in to pinpoint where the problem exists.
If substantial time has passed, establishing a long and storied tap-leak history, plumbing contractors may be required. A damaged or rotten valve seat would be a simple example of a job that could require outside help.

Sump Pumps

Right now, flooded lower levels are occurring all over the country. If your home sits on a high water table, chances are you encounter a soggy lower level every single time it rains, not to mention what occurs after a downpour. With this water comes frequent replacement of sump pumps. After all, they are counted upon to do quite a bit of work. Know a good plumber and reach out to them if sump pump issues appear too daunting. If you find yourself standing in the middle of a flooded lower level, you do not want to have to call around for a best option.

Whatever your plumbing needs, big or small, always look for a plumbing contractor you can trust. Always look for a fully licensed, bonded and insured plumber, like Gander Plumbing.

Contact us for leaks, sump pumps and everything in between. Gander Plumbing can address emergencies, repairs and installations. For more information about our plumbing contractor in Rochester, contact Gander Plumbing at 507-282-7540 or you can contact us to Schedule an Appointment.

A Sweeter Deal: The Money Saving Benefits of Water Softeners

So you may already be aware that a water softener can help your hair and skin, prevent mineral build-up on your glassware and even eliminate scaling on your fixtures. But, did you know that a water softener in your Rochester MN home could help you save money over the short and long term? Water softeners are the best way to alleviate hard water problems in your home, and they offer plenty of advantages. We can think of a few benefits, so here is a brief rundown some of the economical benefits to owning a water softener.

Reduces Plumbing Damage

Installing a water softener may be one of the best ways to extend the life of your plumbing. How? Mineral deposits from hard water can collect in your pipes, appliances, fixtures and faucets. It can even leave hard to clean build up in sinks and toilets. Having softer water eliminates these problems and ensures your plumbing lasts as long as possible. And, healthy piping and appliances means you are less likely to require expensive repairs or replacements.

Cuts Down on Soap Usage

The cost of soaps, shampoos and lotions can add up over time. Soft water can make it possible to use less of these items so that you don’t need to purchase them as frequently. Studies actually show a major reduction in soap usage with soft water.

Do you often use products to make your dishes shine and reduce white spots? In soft water, these products are no longer needed, adding to your cost savings.

Less Laundry Soap Purchases

Hard water contains minerals that inhibit the ability of detergents to clean properly. This means that you will need to use larger amounts of detergent to get your clothes clean. A water softener allows you to use less detergent, saving you money over time.

Are you a fabric softener user? Soft water can virtually eliminate the need for fabric softeners and your towels, sheets and clothing will feel great and smell great too!

Gentler on Clothing

The minerals found in hard water can be rough on your clothing and cause them to look dull and dingy. Soft water is much more gentle on your clothing, helping you save money by extending the life of your clothing.

And these are just a few of the great benefits to having a water softener installed in your Rochester MN home! For more information, call Gander Plumbing at 507-282-7540 or you can contact us to Schedule an Appointment.