A kitchen remodeling project is one of the most rewarding home improvement projects you can do. Whether you are just repainting the walls or ripping out your old counters and cabinets and putting in new ones or something even more extensive, remodeling your kitchen is a great way to breathe new life into your home. Gander Plumbing has helped with many kitchen remodeling projects in Rochester, so here are a few tips on what to think about when it comes to your new kitchen and plumbing.

  • Before you choose your new cabinets, choose your new sink. A kitchen remodeling project can easily be sidetracked and end up over-budget if you don’t consider where the piping will hook up into your new sink, especially if it is an under-counter mounted sink. Sometimes the piping is too high to easily hook up the new sink, and this could require us to cut into the back of your new cabinets to install the sink properly.
  • If you are having a new dishwasher installed, make sure you have new flooring installed underneath the old dishwasher if the new one is going to be installed after the new flooring is put down. While the new counters and cabinets can be pulled out to make installing the new dishwasher easier, this is risky, especially if your new counters are made out of granite or another heavy stone like that.
  • The plumbers from Gander Plumbing will determine various aspects of the plumbing system for your new kitchen, like locating where the new plumbing fixtures will be installed, laying down drain-waste-vent pipes and installing hot and cold water pipes if that’s needed.
  • Make sure your kitchen remodeling contractors know when we will be there to help with your kitchen remodeling project. If our workers need to access your kitchen for a certain period of time, it might not be possible for your contractors to do their work at the same time. Be sure everyone knows when to arrive, and be sure all of your contractors and subcontractors are aware of when your plumbers are expected to get to your home.

When you are planning your kitchen remodeling project, we can help you figure out any potential plumbing issues so they do not become bigger and more expensive problems during your renovations.

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