Bathroom Remodeling Lake City

Bathroom Remodeling Lake CityThinking about remodeling that old bathroom? If so, you likely already hired a company to conduct the remodel itself, but who is going to handle the plumbing aspect of it all? Perhaps you are a contractor who is in need of a regular professional plumbing entity to handle that aspect of the workload? Gander Plumbing specializes in bathroom remodeling in Lake City and nearby, gladly offering our talents in such arenas to assist the next time that you are in need of an expert plumbing company to:

  • Install new pipes
  • Install new fixtures
  • Repair, replace existing pipes and fixtures
  • Reroute piping
  • And more!

Call us to obtain more information about the various plumbing services we offer and how we can assist with a bathroom remodeling project. Offering free estimates, we are happy to discuss the parameters of your proposed project, talking at length over what you need to have done. Size is no matter when it comes to a bathroom renovation. Whether the project involves little first floor toilet and sink or a spa-like bathroom suite, we can help with every plumbing aspect of the project. Call us today!

Plumbing Service and Bathroom Remodeling

A call to Gander Plumbing regarding our bathroom remodeling services will leave you dazzled by the professional manner and friendly way in which we operate and conduct customer service. The plumbers themselves are in possession of all the right tools, on the job experience and plumbing expertise to assist you with your bathroom remodeling project.

In business since for six decades, we have stayed alert to the exciting changes in the latest plumbing trends and technology, every customer we serve knows they can place their faith within us for every type of plumbing problem out there. The standard expectations one has of a plumbing company and then some will be met by Gander Plumbing. If it’s a clogged drain or a sluggish toilet, we can handle that too!

Our aim is to become your one stop shop for any and all types of plumbing issues you need to have resolved. We assist any type of client in need out there, helping residential and commercial clients alike. At the fore of new construction work, we work hand in hand with remodeling and construction companies.

Call us today for your free estimate and to learn more!

Learn More about Bathroom Remodeling

Would you like to learn more about bathroom remodeling in Lake City? Call us at Gander Plumbing at 507-289-5900, or you can contact us and get a Free Estimate.


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