Bathroom Remodeling Rochester MN

Looking for a way to update and renovate the look and feel of your home? A great place to start is in the bathroom. Once you decide on someone for the remodeling of its aesthetics, you must ensure you hire a trustworthy company to take care of the plumbing. While the look makes a big difference; function, efficiency and dependability are essential to the bathroom remodeling process, At Gander Plumbing, we specialize in bathroom remodeling for Rochester MN and can handle the plumbing for your project.

When you invest in bathroom remodeling, you must pay just as much attention to the plumbing. A great looking shower is no good if the drain clogs up all the time or the shower head leaks. At Gander Plumbing, we never cut corners and provide high quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure your new bathroom functions as beautifully as it looks.

From smaller powder rooms to larger, spa-like bathrooms and suites, we can help with every plumbing aspect of the bathroom remodeling project. Call us today to get a free estimate and we can answer your questions and get you on our schedule as soon as possible.

Our Bathroom Remodeling Services

Double Bathroom Vanity Sink FaucetsGander Plumbing has been in business since 1966, and through the years we have kept up to date with the latest plumbing trends and technology. Our customers know they can trust us with every type of plumbing problem they are having. We can handle everything from a clogged drain or toilet to large bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling projects. And, we are happy to help on your bathroom remodeling project and the next time you need an expert plumbing company to:

  • Install new fixtures
  • Instal new pipes
  • Repair and replace existing pipes and fixtures
  • Reroute piping
  • And more

Whatever project you need help with, we have got you covered! When you call us to learn about our bathroom remodeling services, you will be impressed by our professionalism and friendliness. Our plumbers all have the right tools, experience and expertise to help out with bathroom remodeling projects of all shapes and sizes.

And, we help both residential and commercial clients, working hand in hand with home remodeling and construction companies.

Just give us a call today to get a free estimate and to learn more about our many bathroom remodeling services!

Contact Us about Bathroom Remodeling

Would you like to learn more about bathroom remodeling in Rochester MN? Call us at Gander Plumbing at 507-289-5900, or you can contact us to schedule an appointment.



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