So you may already be aware that a water softener can help your hair and skin, prevent mineral build-up on your glassware and even eliminate scaling on your fixtures. But, did you know that a water softener in your Rochester MN home could help you save money over the short and long term? Water softeners are the best way to alleviate hard water problems in your home, and they offer plenty of advantages. We can think of a few benefits, so here is a brief rundown some of the economical benefits to owning a water softener.

Water Softener Rochester MN

Reduces Plumbing Damage

Installing a water softener may be one of the best ways to extend the life of your plumbing. How? Mineral deposits from hard water can collect in your pipes, appliances, fixtures and faucets. It can even leave hard to clean build up in sinks and toilets. Having softer water eliminates these problems and ensures your plumbing lasts as long as possible. And, healthy piping and appliances means you are less likely to require expensive repairs or replacements.

Cuts Down on Soap Usage

The cost of soaps, shampoos and lotions can add up over time. Soft water can make it possible to use less of these items so that you don’t need to purchase them as frequently. Studies actually show a major reduction in soap usage with soft water.

Do you often use products to make your dishes shine and reduce white spots? In soft water, these products are no longer needed, adding to your cost savings.

Less Laundry Soap Purchases

Hard water contains minerals that inhibit the ability of detergents to clean properly. This means that you will need to use larger amounts of detergent to get your clothes clean. A water softener allows you to use less detergent, saving you money over time.

Are you a fabric softener user? Soft water can virtually eliminate the need for fabric softeners and your towels, sheets and clothing will feel great and smell great too!

Gentler on Clothing

The minerals found in hard water can be rough on your clothing and cause them to look dull and dingy. Soft water is much more gentle on your clothing, helping you save money by extending the life of your clothing.

And these are just a few of the great benefits to having a water softener installed in your Rochester MN home! For more information, call Gander Plumbing at 507-282-7540 or you can contact us to Schedule an Appointment.