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Important Plumbing Considerations When Remodeling

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling are a few most beneficial and rewarding home renovations out there. Whether you are just updating a few fixtures or ripping out your old counters and cabinets and putting in new ones or something even more extensive, remodeling your kitchen or bathroom is a great way to breathe new life into… Read more »

Top Trends in Bathroom Remodeling for 2018

Ready to remodel your bathroom? There are many exciting new trends emerging that can easily reinvent and reinvigorate the bathroom. And, at Gander Plumbing, we specialize in bathroom remodeling for Rochester MN and are here to tell you all about the trends to incorporate for a better, brighter bathroom. And, when you’re ready, contact us… Read more »

Supreme Makeover: Bathroom Edition

Looking for a great way to upgrade your home? One of the best rooms to consider remodeling is your bathroom. It’s an easy way to instantly spruce up and modernize the overall ambiance of your home’s interior design. By simply changing out the most outdated items, like your tub, toilet or sink, you can make… Read more »

Four Reasons for Bathroom Remodeling

If you’re thinking about a home improvement project, one of the best rooms to consider remodeling is your bathroom. There are plenty of great reasons you should start a bathroom remodeling project, so here are a few of our favorites. And when you need help with bathroom remodeling in Rochester or the surrounding areas, you… Read more »