An unruly, unpredictable or problem toilet can be pretty stressful. Especially if your home has only one bathroom. Thankfully, help is just a phone call away. At Gander Plumbing, we provide top notch professional plumbing repair for Byron and one of our specialties is toilet repair. We can get your unruly toilet and plumbing back in order with preventative or emergency plumbing repair you can depend on.

Local area homeowners have trusted us for years when it comes to issues with their toilet and other types of plumbing repair. We offer same-day appointments and emergency service so no matter what type of plumbing repair you need, we can help. When it comes to the toilet, we offer a variety of repairs. And, we’d like to discuss a few of the most common types of toilet problems that we see on the regular:


One of the most common plumbing repairs that we see. There are a few different tools that can be used for stubborn clogs besides your standard toilet plunger. But if you are not sure of how to do this properly, call us for help.

Double or Phantom Flush

Sometimes a toilet flushes twice or will start to refill on its own, even if no one has flushed it. The cause of this type of toilet problem is usually a very slow leak from the tank into the bowl. Generally, all this type of toilet repair entails is putting in a new flapper or flapper seat. Call us for plumbing repair and we will drain the bowl and tank, check and clean the flapper seat and then replace the flapper or flapper seat if worn out or damaged.

Trickling Water

Do you hear a funny hissing sound coming from your toilet? If so, water is probably trickling from the tank through the supply line. Our plumbing repair service will check the float, the refill tube and the ballcock or inlet-valve assembly. If the float is not sticking and does not need to be adjusted and if the refill tube is not inserted too far into the overflow tube, then the ballcock assembly probably needs to be replaced.

Slow Emptying of the Bowl

Does your toilet take quite a long time for your toilet to finish flushing? This usually means that the holes underneath the rim of the bowl are clogged. This type of plumbing repair can be a do it yourself project if you are comfortable doing so, but if not, give us a call and we can unclog these holes so the toilet bowl does not take as long to empty.

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