Lawn Sprinkler System Services

Gander Plumbing of Rochester MN provides service calls for lawn sprinkler system repairs. If you see a problem with your lawn sprinklers, then let us know right away. Procrastinating on having your sprinkler system repaired will cost you more money, and waste more water.

We offer contracts for lawn sprinkler system services. Call 507-289-5900 for more information!

Spring Start-Up

  • Water supply turn on
  • Backflow device check
  • Check heads for proper adjustments, coverage
  • Straighten heads
  • Check system for leaks
  • Timer set up

The reason this is so important is because it allows us to see your system before it wastes any water or neglects any areas, thereby allowing us the opportunity to do some tune-ups and preventative maintenance.

Winterization/Fall Blow-Outs

When the weather starts to get chillier, it’s time to turn off your system for the season. We recommend this be done by Halloween, all this it depends on the weather. Call our office to have your winterization/fall blowout scheduled. This process prevents freeze damage happening to your system during the colder months.

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