If you are looking into remodeling your bathroom, then you are probably learning there are a lot of different options available these days. From tile and paint color to faucets and mirrors, there are a lot of decisions that you will have to make. We specialize in bathroom remodeling in Stewartville and the surrounding areas, so here are a few suggestions on what to think about when planning your bathroom renovation project.

  • Tub, shower or both? Your bathroom remodeling project is the perfect time to get that tub or shower you have always wanted. If you like to take long and luxurious baths, then look into getting a large bath tub installed so you have plenty of room to stretch out and relax. If you prefer to shower, maybe you don’t need a bath tub. In this day and age, shower heads come with a wide variety of settings: sprays, hand-helds, rain and many more. Your shower or tub can be as plain or as luxurious as you want.
  • If you have someone in your family with balance or mobility issues, or if you just want to add an extra safety feature, then look into having grab bars installed. These can easily be incorporated into your bathroom remodeling project, and the grab bars can match the bathroom’s décor and not detract from its overall look and aesthetics.
  • Along the same lines, shower seats can be installed as well. These can come in the form of seats that come out of the shower wall for you to sit on, or there are folding seat options available as well if you are concerned about space.
  • Take a look at all of your faucet options as well. They come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes, and finding the perfect ones to match your new bathroom’s décor and your own personal style should not be difficult at all. Faucets also come in a variety of pricing points, so finding ones that will fit into your budget should be easy as well.
  • If you have any other elements that are must-haves, make sure your bathroom remodelers know this early on so those elements can be incorporated into your bathroom remodeling plans.

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