Are you looking to install a water softener in your Zumbro Falls home? We are not surprised! Hard water is a common issue in municipal and town water supplies throughout Minnesota and surrounding areas. In fact, Minnesota’s average is much higher than the national average.

But first, what is hard water measured by?

Hard water is measured by the amount of dissolved materials such as magnesium, calcium, manganese and iron in the water supply. Water that is considered ‘soft’ has less than 1 GPG (grain per gallon) and very hard water has a 10.5 GPG or higher.

Now, are you ready to learn the average water hardness in Minnesota?

Minnesota’s average is 15-25 GPG! And, parts of the Twin Cities can be as high as 35 GPG! That’s pretty hard. This hardness is due to the fact that the earth beneath our fair state has a lot of limestone which is where hardness comes from.

water softener

Have you noticed water leaving spots on glassware? Scaling on your shower heads? Dull, dried out hair?

These are just a few of the results that can come with hard water.
As experts in water and all things plumbing, we would like to list a few of the many benefits your Minnesota household could experience with a new water softener from Gander Plumbing:

  • Cleaner, shinier silverware, glassware, tiles and plumbing fixtures.
  • A water softener exchanges calcium and magnesium with sodium to reduce hardness, thereby reducing scales from accumulating in your pipes. This not only lengthens the lifespan of your appliances but also lends a whole new experience to using water.
  • Fabrics last longer, whites stay whiter and clothes are softer.
  • You’ll require less cleaning products because of the rich lather produced by soap and softened water.
  • You may notice softer, cleaner hair.
  • Increased water heater efficiency.
  • And more!

Start reaping the benefits and rid your home of hard water today! A water softener is an affordable, simple and easy way to improve your household’s quality of life at the same time as providing savings in your pocket. A water softener can help improve how you feel, how your appliances work and even help save you money. We truly believe in the Pentair water softeners we carry – they are some of the very best water softeners on the market.
Call us at Gander Plumbing and we can answer any questions you might have about installing a new water softener at your Zumbro Falls Home. Call today at 507-282-7540 or contact us to Schedule an Appointment.